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Are you in the transformation game? Do you want to create environments where people and organisations connect, collaborate and transform?

Then just for a moment think of a time and place when you had stimulating conversation with someone, a friend, a colleague, a mentor or a complete stranger that you have never met before. And during the course of this conversation you had an insight, a blinding flash of the obvious, an awareness that you didn’t have before like solution to a problem, that you had been pondering over for ages, starred you right in the face!

It’s those kind of experiences that show us that we not only have the potential but also the capacity to instantaneously step beyond our blind spots. Reach into our deeper resources, see the world out there with greater clarity and insight, and connect easily with others!

What would it be worth to you to solve a complex problem through a simple conversation?

If your job is to lead and bring about change in yourself and others, if you could bring about this change and help others solve complex problems through a seemingly simple conversation, what would that be worth to you?

Let me ask you this? … What is an area in your work or business that holds you back? … What are you and your organisation not experiencing because of that? … What thoughts come to mind when you think about that? … and how do you feel about that? … What pictures and sounds and sensations describe what you are thinking and feeling? … Do you like this? … Does this way of thinking contribute to the growth of your business? … Does this way of being help you solve your problems and those of your clients? …

Now imagine … you could change that and have this area in your work in just the way you want it to be? … Just go there now … how is that? … What thoughts and feelings come to mind? … What pictures, what sounds and what sensations describe this new experience? … Do you like this? … Is this compelling?… Does this serve you and your business? … Would this way of thinking support you in solving your problems and those of your clients? … Is that something you want to keep it? …

How did you feel going through this little exercise? What change did you notice? Which of this two experiences did you find more enjoyable and more useful?

The secret is in knowing where to point the conversation!

The above questions form the basis of a powerful conversation for transformation. These questions are not random. They are deliberately pointed at the underlying structure that drives your experience, the human experience. This structure is made up of multiple dimensions through which we access our inner wisdom, through with we create meaning and through which we embody meaning. Seeing and understanding this structure puts you in the driver’s seat for creating change in yourself and in others and the impact it has on the growth of your people, your organisation and your clients.

If what I have shared arouses your curiosity and you want to learn more about leading change, connecting and collaborating easily with others, and solving complex problems using powerful conversation then contact me at mi**@mi***********.com. If not, I like to thank you and I look forward to serving you with my next reflection!

to your best



About Mike Schwarzer

Mike is a Transformation Professional and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Applied Neuro Synergy & NLP with the Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy, GAANS.  An experienced facilitator and coach, with an ability to connect and align people, he helps leaders and organisations to solve the problems that they have not been able to solve elsewhere and create the results they want to achieve.

For more information about Mike visit www.mikeschwarzer.com and www.thoughtleadingpeople.com.au.