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“I was extremely surprised at how much I learned about myself and how I interact with others in this short workshop. During the session you sensitised me about my own behaviour and I have been surprised at the collaborative outcomes I have achieved since I have changed some of my own behaviour. I have also had the pleasure of seeing someone else put in place what she had learnt at your workshop. The workplace results speak for themselves. You helped us to analyse our interactions with others much more objectively. Your workshop was well paced and provided a good mixture of theory and experiential learning.  I believe that everyone who attended enjoyed the workshop very much since you facilitated a serious topic with good humour and tremendous insight.”
Andries Pretorius

State Manager, Community First Campbell Page, Perth WA

“Hi Mike. You might be interested to know that I spontaneously coached a friend in need last night on the eve of having to go to court on an extremely emotional and stressful matter today and I actually helped her create a state of calmness and optimism and anchored it and she told me this evening that it well and truly worked and really helped her get through today and she had a positive outcome.  I was hoping that I would do it properly (being a novice without any material to remind me of the process) but I just kept thinking ‘please let me help my friend’ and put myself into a calm state and it all went according to plan! Unbelievable!! And of course … your influence is spreading and making a difference.”
Karen Lane

KM Manager, Minter Ellison, Adelaide, SA

Living and Playing beyond the Trappings of Life!

Living and Playing beyond the Trappings of Life!

The secret to living your Authentic Self and to your Highest Potential

Do you want to live a more fulfilling life, being more of who you are and less of who you’re not? Do you want to unleash and enjoy your fullest potential but don’t quite know how?

What keeps you from achieving that? What gets in the way?

If you could show up in the world without being seduced by the trappings of life such as fear of failure, lack of confidence, self-doubt, rejection or not being good enough, would that make a difference?

If you could show up in the world being present to the here and now, being fully engaged in your personal genius and the magic of you, would that change the game? How?

What would you experience more of? What would you experience less of? Is that something you want?

If your answer is YES, and you are hungry for more, then this session is for you. It will give you a starting point and pathway to living your authentic self and to your highest potential. It will show you how to step beyond the trappings of your life using the magic of your higher levels mind.

People Are Not Broken, They Work Perfectly Well!

People Are Not Broken, They Work Perfectly Well!

Moving beyond the illusions of your thinking

“People have all the resources they need; they just need to access them!” NLP Presupposition

There is often a misconception or misunderstanding in the world that in order to be a more fully functional, a more successful and a happier human-being we must add something to our lives. Develop resilience, build self-esteem and gain confidence. Make changes to our thinking or think differently so that we can better deal with the world out there!

What if there was nothing to be added, nothing to be changed? What if the opposite was true, what if it was a matter of subtracting something, taking something away? What if resilience, self-esteem and confidence were nothing we needed to develop or find but are natural and innate to us by default?

What if you had all the resources you needed, you just needed to find the key to access them?

In this informal session, a facilitated conversation, we will explore both notions above and the nature of our thinking, its misconceptions, how it affects the quality of our lives, our wellbeing and our relationships and how to enrich them.

We will explore our thinking through tapping into the Cognitive Behavioural domain that looks at the structure of our thinking, perception and experience of our world, and the domain of Innate Wisdom, the space beyond our thinking.

As the title states, ‘People are not broken, they work perfectly well’. They work perfectly well in accordance to their map of how they see the world. People’s behaviours are ‘just’ an expression of their inner map. We can live a richer life and enjoy richer relationships by either changing the map or stepping beyond the map of our thinking into the wisdom of the moment!

What are the areas in your life where you would like to have greater clarity and fulfilment?

Imagine experiencing greater peacefulness and joy from the inside-out, connecting at deeper levels and more effortlessly with the people around you – your loved ones, friends or colleagues and clients; and being more in touch with your inner resources when dealing with the challenges of life and work … if that speaks to you, this session might just be for you!

Welcome to the Web of the Mind, where ‘Your’ Reality Resides!

Welcome to the Web of the Mind, where ‘Your’ Reality Resides!

Conversations with the Driving Forces of Your Mind!

The Beauty or the Beast, which one rules your mind? Do you live your life by default, at the mercy of the tides, hoping for the best? Sometimes in control, sometimes out of control? Do you run your own brain or does your brain run you?

Would you like to be the master mind behind your mind?

“The quality of your life depends on and is determined by the quality of your states and the quality of your states is governed by the quality of your frames!”

The frame controls the game of life that we play. Frames are the assumptions that we make about how the world works; about what is right and what is wrong; about how we should think, feel, and act; what we can achieve and what we can’t; etc.

Someone is always setting the frame and someone always controls the game. The question is by whose frames are you playing the game, what is the quality of those frames and who controls the game?

In this session, you will explore and discover the structure of the Web and the Higher Levels of Your Mind that drive the quality of your life including your relationship with yourself, with others, with your capabilities, with time and the world.

Is this session for you?

Are you ready and committed to run your own brain?

Do you want to live and work with greater presence of mind and make some of your inner issues go away?

Do you want to have more fulfilling relationships?

Do you want to become a more effective communicator and influencer?

Do you want to be able create change and transformation through conversation?

What is the Web of the Mind?

The Web is the World of Meanings into which we were born and educated. It is the World that we have received as “real”.

It is the Matrix of Frames that makes up the Web that governs …

how we perceive the world,

how we react,

and ultimately the choice of behaviours available to us.

The understanding of this allows us to work with the structure of an experience (how we think and its intentions) rather than the content of an experience (what we think and the cause of it). This inside-out approach allows us to influence and create our inner reality without being reliant on external events and circumstances.

In this session, you will learn and explore:

How the Web and the Higher Levels of Your Mind influence every aspect of your life

How you can enrich your life and your every day experiences through the Web

How to question the assumptions about the world that you make and hold true

How to enrich other people’s life just in conversation

and many more

How to Engage More of Your People's Talents

How to Engage More of Your People’s Talents

The leverage to cutting costs, increasing Profitability & Retaining Talent

A Dynamic Leadership Approach for Proactive Organisations that want to Grow From and Through Their People

What does poor people management lead to?

Poor staff (talent) retention, poor financial awareness & performance, poor customer satisfaction & retention, poor vital knowledge management, poor innovation & creativity, poor initiative, poor problem solving. As well as avoidable mistakes & problems, wasted time, increased absence and unnecessary stress.

How much are any of these areas hurting your company’s hip pocket?

So…are you fully maximising the talents of your people? Are you fully aware of, recognising and acknowledging what they are capable of producing? Are they following you where you want them to go? Are they moving your business forward? If the answer is no, then this workshop might just be the key to running your operation with a new forward moving dynamic, ease and fluency.

This experiential workshop is designed to provide proactive leaders, who understand the significance of the human asset, with advanced communication tools. It will expand your capacity to constructively engage people’s abilities in support and alignment with your organisation’s vision & goals and customer motivation.

Learn how to engage people at grass root levels. Recognise, understand and work with the underlying structural & systemic mechanics by which they respond and operate.

You will discover how to –

Create an environment for collaboration & success

Draw greater contribution & value from your people

Guide people through change & innovation

Leading through the Inside-Out

Leading through the Inside-Out

Getting the best of yourself, your people and your business

Leading Edge Thinking for the Corporate Performance Leader


‘Leading through the Inside-Out’ is ideal for new and seasoned business professionals who regard themselves as high performers and who are ready to take their visionary, strategic and operational leadership and their communication wizardry to a higher level.

‘Leading through the Inside-Out’ is designed to give you a support structure to establish where you want to go, where you are and how to bridge the gap. Give you greater flexibility to respond to your environment, challenges and the way you communicate with yourself and others. Engage more of your talents and that of others with curiosity and optimism.

Think and Operate with Structural Awareness

Be clear on the Direction You are Heading For

Lead and Communicate from a Place of Learning

Seeing Things Others Don’t See

Connect with Others on Their Turf – The Art of Rapport

Ask Great Questions Get Great Answers

How to Be Your Client's Wildest Dream

How to Be Your Client’s Wildest Dream

Delivering Customer Experiences that make them want to come back for more!

What makes your Customers want to come back for more?

Economies rely on their customers to sustain their businesses and their communities. For that to happen we want to make it attractive for our customers to come to us, do business with us, come back for more and rave positively to others about their experience.

Drawing customers to your business is one thing. Once they come to you, you have the opportunity to show them your hospitality, make them feel special, build a relationship with them and make a long lasting impression.

As today’s customer is more sophisticated and demanding, providing a genuine quality service is critical in making that happen.

Quality customer service doesn’t happen by accident, it is caused by design and delivery. That design starts with a vision and purpose for creating a customer friendly environment where the customer comes first and where the customer feels understood and cared for. Secondly, we want to equip our frontline ambassadors with the skills and qualities to deliver this vision and purpose and turn them into economic returns.

This interactive and experiential workshop will engage the participant’s mind and playfulness and equip them with the superior customer service skills to effectively connect and communicate with your customers.

In this workshop participants will playfully learn about –

Creating Visitor Friendly Buying Environments

Understanding Your Customers and Their Motivation

Delivering Customer Experience

Showing Up with the Right Attitude

Connecting with Rapport

Speaking the Language of Your Customers

Asking Questions and Listening Actively

Mike’s sessions are highly interactive. All you need to bring is an open, curious and playful mind. You are encouraged to participate, have fun learning and be ready for new insights!
Workshops and seminars are tailored to pre-determined needs and desired outcomes of the client. Events are conducted over 90 minutes, half days and full days. Longer and/or paced events can be designed as required and negotiated with the client.

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