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“Working with Mike is to describe him as a big bright light that shines on us the leadership team and draws out our own lights to shine bright. He initially helped us with re-evaluating our strategic plan. This consequently led us to explore and pursue shifting to a self-organising culture as we realised this would give us a better ability to stay abreast with an increasingly complex and fast-moving business environment.

Mike has an ability to create a space where we can connect deeper as a workplace community and draw on our collective intelligence. Essentially, it is a space that allows us to step outside our busy minds where we can see issues and challenges with fresh eyes and clarity.

Mike’s unconventional style challenges conventional thinking and has enabled us to work more collaboratively as a leadership team, solve problems more creatively, create a more enjoyable work atmosphere, show greater resilience in stressful circumstances, solve staff issues with empathy and empower staff to take on greater ownership of responsibilities and decision making.”

Danny Harmer, Training Operations Manager, Access Training Centre, Dudley Park, SA

The answer to your problem is only ONE Insight away!

Creating the space for you to see with deeper insight and clarity

The answer to your problem is only ONE Insight away!

Creating the space for you to see with deeper insight and clarity

“Hang out where the answers are, not the problems!” Mike Schwarzer

We live in testing times with unprecedented challenges and opportunities!

Today’s business conditions are described as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA). The future can no longer be predicted by past experiences.

Climate change, global health threats, technological advances and market disruptions are happening at an increasingly rapid speed.

This is greatly affecting organisations ability to adapt quick enough to the changing environments that they operate in.

How we navigate these conditions depends on our capacity to see the terrain with greater clarity and solve problems wisely.

What does that mean for you as a leader?

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created the problem.” Albert Einstein

Going it alone and trying to find our way through the muddy waters with conventional thinking has its limits. 

It takes a different kind of understanding and level of consciousness!

Many of the problems and challenges that we are facing have been created from the very thinking that we are trying to solve them from.

Solving problems through the same conditioned filters and rules of thinking that have created them without stepping above the confinement of those filters and rules, will bring us more of the same.

As leaders we need to find the courage to venture out into the unknown and explore new horizons and territories from which we can view the world with greater depth of clarity and insight.

Then pave the way for our community to follow and setting them free to see. Pointing them to where to look but not what to see.

Our role is to be an enabler of people and community, through whose many eyes we can see much more than just one pair!

Reaching into untapped potential of deeper insight and clarity!

“I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence and the truth comes to me!” Albert Einstein

The answer to your problem is only one insight away. Insights are all around us, they often appear when our minds are quiet.

When we swim in silence, we enter a space of deeper insight and clarity as well as innate integrity and ecology.

“You cannot see what you cannot see … until you see it!” Mike Schwarzer

Now imagine that the answers to your problems already exist, you just haven’t seen them yet.

By creating the space where you see with deeper insight and clarity, the answers to your problems can emerge!

So, what’s your problem?

What’s on your mind that keeps you awake at night? What if the answer was only ONE Insight away?

Book a FREE 30 minute ‘Connect with Mike’ session and explore how to …

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  • save yourself the headaches!


“Your ability to ask questions and unlock potential is priceless. Of particular value is the way you engage me in finding my own answers. You have taken me to new dimensions in my thinking which has allowed me to come up with new solutions to challenges that I didn’t see before.

In addition, using your approach to organizational alignment has helped me create an environment in which my management team now strongly drives in a common direction and in collaboration with departmental goals. Through that, my team has increased its use of time by 25 percent and doubled the number of projects it successfully completes in a month.

Adam Vonthethoff
Chief Operations Officer, Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd., Adelaide SA (former Food & Beverage Manager Skycity Adelaide)

“Mike has been an effective coach in not only making me feel completely comfortable in being able to open up to him to discuss important matters, but has been a great leader in keeping me focused on what’s important, and how to better approach people situations. After working with him, I feel much more balanced and much more aware of my own actions and thoughts in order to get better people outcomes.”

Selina Radetti
Recruitment Consultant, RAA, Mile End SA

“My conversations with clients used to be transactional, now they are transformational. It’s not about the widgets I sell anymore, it’s all about the relationship with the person. It’s really exploring and addressing the client’s needs and solving their problems instead of a preset agenda of what to sell. This shift in my thinking has profoundly increased the business I am generating now”

Connor O’Rourke
General Manager Sales, Datacom Systems SA, Adelaide, SA

“When working with a client just recently, I was able to bring into play a number of the principles about the higher intentions and states that they are in. After doing this program it really helped me to understand the nature of our higher intentions and also to communicate this to my clients … you could see the light bulbs going off for them.”

Michelle Holland

Director & Principal Consultant, Synergy IQ, Adelaide SA

“With the constant challenge satisfying high customer demands, managing a high pressure operation and contributing to the senior management team of the organisation can be quite a juggling act and at times can cause much friction. As a result of Mike’s coaching, I am now a better equipped communicator with a greater capacity to make better decisions, maintain my composure in challenging situations, constructively engage with the management group and contribute to my work in more harmonious ways.”

Simon Bryant

former Executive Chef, Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide SA & Celebrity Chef on the ABC’s “The Cook and the Chef”