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“Feedback for your presentation, both formal and informal has been extremely positive with attendees giving you an unanimous “thumbs up” for delivering a simple but meaningful message with humour and zest and also giving them practical strategies to use when they find themselves in high pressure situations. Hopefully we have many more “Yetis” within our organisation as a result of your presentation. Thank you once again Mike, your presentation certainly enabled our conference to start in an energetic and positive manner.”
Patsy Thomas

Convenor, Financial Services Quality Assurance Group, TAFESA, Adelaide

Innovating Leadership through the Inside-Out!

Innovating Leadership through the Inside-Out!

How to live and lead through your Innate and Universal Wisdom

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi

What a wonderful quote, so easily said yet often challenging to translate into action. We are living in testing times. Technologically, as a human race, we have advanced tremendously. Yet how far have we evolved when it comes to our psychological and behavioural maturity and living in peace and harmony? What makes us still entertain wars and terrorism, and have societies riddled with bullying, domestic violence, depression and an ever increasing consumption of illicit drugs and the consequences that come with it?

The reason is this. It is thought driven! The majority of people are playing the game of life through the distortive dimension of thought. This is where we can get caught up in the false reality created by our intellectual mind about the world out there. That the world out there, our circumstances, is making us think and feel in certain ways. That is outside-in thinking. When our thinking gets contaminated, we get into strive. When we are governed by the misunderstandings of thought it shows up in our behaviours and the quality of our relationships.

The antidote is being insight driven. In the dimension of insight we are guided by our innate and universal wisdom. This dimension operates outside the realm of our intellectual mind.

When we begin to live through insight, we experience life in a new light, with less on our mind. Here we innately understand that our thoughts are a product of our imagination not of our circumstances. They come from the inside-out. That what we feel at any given moment is … thought in the moment. When we drop into this space outside the intellectual mind, we experience a greater sense of grounding, wellbeing and purpose. We see with greater clarity and connect easily and effortlessly with others.

When we live and lead through our innate wisdom, thought becomes a supportive servant. This transforms lives, organisations and communities to where innate peace and harmony resides!

So the question is …

what kind of world that you want to see?

what kind of life do you want to live?

what kind of relationships do you want to have?

what type of business or organisation do you want to contribute to?

And what do you need to do to become the change that you want to see?

Change ... How to Take the Stress Out of Your Stress?

Change … How to Take the Stress Out of Your Stress?

While creating some fun on the side!

And You Thought Yetis & Bigfoots are the Same? Think Again!

As busy people keeping up with the growing demands in a fast paced and often ambiguous work climate can be a nightmare and create unnecessary stress. One can easily lose sight of where we are and not see the forest for the trees.

Maintaining your sanity and resourcefulness is fundamental to the quality of your wellbeing, your growth and the contribution you make to your employer and your clients.

Staying sane and resourceful doesn’t happen by accident. It’s caused by design – the design of your thinking, Your Inner Game and how that is anchored in your behaviours, the actions that you take and the results that you achieve, Your Outer Game!

Scary thought huh? But not all hope is lost. Find out what sets the Yetis aside from the Bigfoots. Why one lives a harmonious and happy existence and the other a miserable one and how you can live in more satisfying ways from it.

This presentation will arouse your mind and engage your playfulness. It will make you reflect and raise questions about the way you think, behave, communicate and relate to & influence your environment.

In this presentation you will playfully learn how to take stress out of your stress by exploring –

Discovery & Learning

How You Show Up

The Inner Game & the Outer Game

Stepping Back

Intention & Purpose & Meaning

The Right Questions

From Mind into Muscle

Mike’s presentations are conversational and interactive. All you need to bring is an open, curious and playful mind. You are encouraged to have fun learning and be ready for new insights!
Keynotes are tailored to pre-determined needs and desired outcomes of the client. Events are conducted from 30 to 90 minutes.

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