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Emerging Insights, 26 October 2023


Today, I’m not just writing another article. This is a special message, a secret scroll to the hero in you, hidden behind the everyday mask of leadership.

We live in a world where many are just passengers on the plane of life, some even at the helm, yet often sleepwalking or operating on autopilot, coasting through life’s complexities.

But here’s the twist – within each of us lies an untapped reservoir of potential, just waiting to be awakened.

Imagine, if I told you that we’re not here to merely be passengers on the plane of life or even just pilots at the helm.

We are here to soar to new heights, to wake up and break free from autopilot mode, and to navigate the stormy skies of AI and complexity from a higher vantage point with a fresh perspective.

This message isn’t meant to sell you a dream; it’s meant to stir the dreamer within you, the one that slumbers in most people.

This is your awakening, your chance to embrace your true leadership superpower and touch the world in meaningful ways.

The purpose of this message is to ignite a spark within you, challenge the status quo, and lead you towards a brighter, more purposeful future.

Let’s step away from autopilot and into the realm of deeper wisdom, purpose and transformation.

Your journey begins now.

Picture this:

“The real problem of humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-Like Technology.” Dr. E.O. Wilson, Sociobiologist

This quote caught my eye during a presentation titled ‘The A.I. Dilemma’ by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin of the Center for Humane Technology. As I reflected on the words, pondering the implications, I couldn’t help but wonder how this translates to leadership. In the ever-evolving sea of technology and complexity, how can leaders steer their ships, keep their crew engaged, and stay inspired?

Our obsession with technology often fuels the complexity beast, making our lives more challenging. From an organisational standpoint, are we truly prepared for what the future holds?

Are we investing enough time in transcending our inherent human nature? Are we building institutions and organisations that serve the deeper needs of humanity, or are we getting lost in the machine?

The rise of artificial intelligence challenges us to our core. Antiquated leadership mindsets and rigid organisations with hierarchically run cultures may no longer suffice.

So, how can we ensure our leadership evolves with the times? Let’s embark on a roadmap to navigate the AI era:

The Odyssey Begins:

Embrace Fluidity: Like water, we must adapt. Bruce Lee’s wisdom guides us: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless … like water.” Rigidity is the anchor; fluidity is the sail that propels us forward.

Ascend to Higher Wisdom:

Einstein beckons us to rise. “We can’t solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.” The AI era requires a higher plane of thinking, where solutions bloom in uncharted territories.

Cultivate Human-Centricity:

In the heart of the machine, humanity must be our North Star. Diversity, creativity, and self-organisation become our compass. In these cultures, humans are not cogs; they are creators, thinkers, and innovators.

A Vision Unveiled:

Imagine a world where leaders are as fluid as water, where wisdom flows from higher realms, and organisations pulsate with human vitality. This is our compass, pointing towards the true north of leadership in the AI age.

The journey, though formidable, starts with a single step, a single thought, a single act, and a willingness to explore and step beyond the unknown. 

So, are you ready to embark on this wise leader’s odyssey?

The AI era calls for leaders who are not just captains of their ships but visionary explorers shaping the future.

Here are the questions to ignite your quest:

1. What difference do you want to make?

Picture the ripples of change your leadership can create. What legacy do you aspire to leave behind in the vast sea of possibilities?

2. What’s your vision for the future, the world you want to shape?

Envision a world where your leadership sets a shining example. What do you see on the horizon, gleaming with the brilliance of your influence?

3. What kind of life do you dream of living?

In this AI-driven landscape, how does your personal journey intertwine with your leadership path? Paint a mental portrait of your ideal life, where purpose and passion entwine.

4. What kind of relationships do you aspire to cultivate?

Think of the bonds you want to nurture with your team, colleagues, and partners. How do these relationships fuel your journey, creating a network of support and shared purpose?

5. What kind of impact do you want to make on your business or organisation?

Reflect on the transformation you wish to bring to your workplace. How does your leadership shape the destiny of your organisation, leaving a lasting mark?

6. How do you want to lead and inspire your world?

Imagine yourself as a beacon of inspiration. What is the leadership style that resonates with your vision, illuminating the way forward?

7. With what passion, purpose, and energy do you want to serve your community?

Think about the zeal that drives you to serve not just your organisation but the broader community. What’s the source of your unwavering dedication?

8. What Imprint Do You Wish to Leave on the Sands of Time? 

Consider the footprints you aim to leave behind. What do you wish to be remembered for, leaving a compass for future leaders to follow?

Now, take a moment to reflect on these questions, for they are your guiding stars in your journey through the AI era. Does what comes to mind ignite a fire within you? Would achieving that be worth your while?

Your answers may unlock the wisdom and vision that will illuminate your path and give you agency.

Now, picture a dedicated coach by your side, someone who could help you achieve that and more. Someone who can help you to see beyond your current horizons, slow down your busy mind, listen deeply, gain clarity, and amplify your influence.

“I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Albert Einstein

Now, let me ask you this: Are you ready to embark on the journey of becoming the leader you were meant to be in this era of AI and complexity?  Ready to play a bigger game, open to exploring uncharted territory, being a beacon of light, and taking your leadership to new heights serving humanity?

If your answer is a resounding YES, send a message to mi**@mi***********.com and we’ll schedule a chat to explore how we can join forces on your remarkable odyssey.

Here’s the exciting part: Once you’ve expressed your interest and we had a chat, you’ll receive a complimentary advance-read digital copy of my upcoming book, ‘VANTAGE POINT: cutting through the bullsh*t of a complex world.

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Together, we can dive deep into exploring the challenges that occupy your mind. You’ll get to see it with fresh eyes, gain insight and clarity, and craft a clear roadmap forward. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to supercharge your leadership growth, cut through the noise and ambiguity of complexity, be a brighter beacon of light for your people, and make a bigger difference in the world.

I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Learn heaps and keep shining your light on the world! 😊

To your best





About Mike Schwarzer

Mike is a Transformation Professional and Learning Leader who is passionate about helping leaders and organisations to solve the problems that they have not been able to solve elsewhere.

He works with the underlying mental, behavioural and deeper innate dynamics that drive people’s and organisations’ thinking and actions. He creates and holds the space where they learn how to tap into their inner and outer capabilities in transformational ways and lift their perceptual abilities to see their world, its problems and emerging solutions with fresh eyes.

At the organisational level, Mike’s approach challenges the status quo and hierarchical thinking. He takes you into the world of living ‘open & adaptive’ systems and their self-organising nature. From there you will be able to create a workplace culture that naturally draws from the collective wisdom of all its people and that is highly adaptable to the changing winds of a complex world.

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