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“You don’t see the world as it is. You see the world as you are!” Anais Nin

What a fantastic line!

Who hasn’t experienced moments when you felt that the world was to blame for all your worries and feeling sorry for yourself with an energy that was repelling. You seemed to be at war with yourself and your external world. And in this scenario didn’t the world and the people around you look just the way you felt? You disliked the world and the world disliked you. People didn’t particularly want to be around you and it seemed that they were the cause to all of your problems. You’ve got little collaboration and got not much done! At the end of the day you’ve felt exhausted and burned out.

On the flip side you may also have experienced the opposite. Moments when you felt on top of the world, full of joy, enthusiasm and highly motivated with an energy that was infectious? And funny enough, the world and the people around you looked beautiful. There seemed to be a harmony between you and your external world. You liked the world and the world liked you. It was easy to get on with people and they seemingly were eating out of the palm of your hands. Solutions to problems just appeared. Your creative juices were flowing with new ideas and insights. Time was flying while you were engrossed in activities that would normally be a drag. At the end of the day you felt alive with energy to burn and a strong sense of wellbeing.

How do you see and experience your world? Which one do you prefer? Would you like to be able to spend more time in those moments of joy, enthusiasm and high energy? Being on top of your game? Being in the now? Having clarity and presence of mind?

What difference would that make to your life and your work? What difference would it make to the performance and sustainability of your organisation?

With your permission, think of an area in your life that gives you a little grieve, that holds you back, where you come up a little short and where you feel at the mercy of your circumstances. This might be in your personal life, the lack of living purposefully and fulfilled or the relationships with your loved ones or your friends that you may not see eye to eye with. It might be a goal that you have that seems too difficult to reach, that book you want to write, that career change you want to make, that weight you want to lose and that fitness you want to gain. It might be life’s pressures that get to you. It might be the stress that you have with annoying co-workers, non-performing staff or demanding managers that give you a hard time. It might be pressure to keep up with the ever changing working world that seems to become more ambiguous, complex and unpredictable and the increasing customer demands that come with it!

Whatever it is that gives you grieve, do you like the way you think and feel about it? Does it serve you? Does it support you? Does it enrich you life? Do you want more of it? How much longer do you want to keep it?

ONLY READ on if you can strongly say NO these question above! Can you? Good!

So, have you had enough of this way of thinking and feeling? YES? Are you ready for something new? YES? Would you like to live, work and play at your highest potential? YES? Keep reading …

Now … imagine that tonight after you go to bed and while you’re sleeping, a miracle happens, and the problems that brought you here were immediately solved, gone … just like that. Now you have what you have longed for.

Notice your sense of here and now … right now … being fully present to your environment and what you are engaged in … the conversations that you have with your loved ones and your friends, looking at them in wonder and curiosity and seeing their world through their eyes and feeling a sense of connection with them and with something more than just you. Notice how you are pursuing the things that are important to you with passion and drive … that’s right … lost in time … this may be your fingers tapping away on the keyboard … as the words to your book are easily flowing from your mind or perhaps this is just you hiking in the woods, being in touch with nature and enjoying the beauty of the land. Feeling compelled for daily walks and exercise regimes lifting weights and running on the treadmill as you notice your body’s new shape and your energy levels rise. Being fully present in the here and now, feeling a strong sense of purpose and looking at the world with curiosity and wonder … notice how you easily connect with your colleagues, staff and customers … notice how engage them conversations and the questions that you asked … the infectious energy you create … the new ideas you generate and solutions to problems that magically appear … because that and much more your inner genius can do … can you not?

As you read through those lines become aware of your awareness … notice your state, notice how you feel, notice your energy, notice what you are aware of, notice what you are paying attention to.

Now being fully in this state, this feeling, this energy … think of the event or circumstance in your life that has given you grieve and that has held you back or slowed you down. Being in this new state, what do you notice about this event now? What are you aware of? What does it mean to you now? How much are you at its mercy now? What are you thinking and feeling now? If you were to step into the event and look at yourself from there … what do you notice about yourself? How are you different? Being in this state of mind and feeling how do you perceive this event or circumstance now?

Do you like that way of thinking and feeling? YES? Does that serve you? YES? Does it support you? YES? Does it enrich you life? YES? Do you want more of it? YES? Do you want to keep it? YES?

Well done, you have just tapped into your inner genius, a flow state, like being in the zone. You have just scratched the surface of what is possible.

Elite athletes know this state. That is what sets them apart from the rest. They know how to access their best states and be fully present and aligned with their highest intention their craft and focused on what they want to achieve.

What stops you from learning how to access your best states, being aligned with your higher intention, and live a fuller and richer life?

How do you want to see and experience your world so that it serves you?

If you want to learn more about how to access your best states, your inner genius and live, work and play at your highest potential and with peak performance then contact Mike at mi**@mi***********.com.

to your highest learning and growth



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