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Individual and Organisational Coaching

Individual and Organisational Coaching

“With the constant challenge satisfying high customer demands, managing a high pressure operation and contributing to the senior management team of the organisation can be quite a juggling act and at times can cause much friction. As a result of Mike’s coaching, I am now a better equipped communicator with a greater capacity to make better decisions, maintain my composure in challenging situations, constructively engage with the management group and contribute to my work in more harmonious ways.”
Simon Bryant

former Executive Chef, Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide SA & Celebrity Chef on the ABC’s “The Cook and the Chef”

Are you under pressure to solve problems and deliver results?

Are you a busy performance leader? Expected to keep up with the growing demands of high paced, complex and often ambiguous environments that you have to perform in? Staying sane and delivering results in these environments can be a nightmare and create unnecessary stress. One can easily lose sight of where we are and where we are going.

Maintaining your sanity and resourcefulness is fundamental to the quality of your wellbeing, your growth and the contribution that you make to your organisation and to your clients, would you agree?

Staying sane, being resourceful and performing at your highest potential doesn’t happen by accident, right? It’s caused by design – the design of your thinking, Your Inner Game and how that shows up in your behaviours, the actions that you take and the results that you achieve, Your Outer Game! As such you are limited by the boundaries and assumptions of your inner game. That’s where you can get stuck if you don’t keep stretching your inner game muscle!

What is possible with coaching?

Imagine … stepping outside those boundaries and stretching your mind, making it bigger? Where are you limiting yourself or not getting what you want? What would happen if you could get beyond that limitation? What new possibilities would that open up for you? And if you had that, just the way you wanted, what would that look, sound and feel like?

Think about it this way, our approach to coaching will challenge your mental boundaries and move you beyond your blind spots. Expand your ability to steer your mind, behaviours and actions. Focus your attention and energy, and by doing so help you develop a bigger mind to a higher level where you can make sense of the world in more complex and inclusive ways.

An engaged and stretched mind can greatly … enhance your creativity, your ability to think and act with greater direction, see possibilities where others can’t!

What would happen if you could …

  • Perform with greater vision, clarity and direction?
  • See possibilities where others can’t?
  • Have a greater insight into yourself, other people and your environment?
  • Bring out the best in yourself and others?
  • Experience greater levels of motivation, optimism and resilience?

Coaching your inner game will arouse your mind and engage your playfulness. It will make you reflect, raise questions and equip you with new tools in the way you think, behave, communicate, relate to and influence your environment. It will allow you to explore new possibilities about your ability to respond to the challenges and opportunities around you.

What challenges keep you awake at night? Let Mike help you stretch your mind and solve them!

For further information and bookings for our one on one and group coaching programs contact Mike on 0419 866 427 within Australia or on +61 419 866 427 from outside Australia or email click here.