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Inside-Out Thinking for the Individual & Organisational Transformation Leader and for
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Is your organisation Future Ready?

 Self-Organising Cultures

Tapping into the collective wisdom of all your people … to stay ahead of the times!

“Working with Mike is to describe him as a big bright light that shines on us the leadership team and draws out our own lights to shine bright. He initially helped us with re-evaluating our strategic plan. This consequently led us to explore and pursue shifting to a self-organising culture as we realised this would give us a better ability to stay abreast with an increasingly complex and fast-moving business environment.

Mike has an ability to create a space where we can connect deeper as a workplace community and draw on our collective intelligence. Essentially, it is a space that allows us to step outside our busy minds where we can see issues and challenges with fresh eyes and clarity.

Mike’s unconventional style challenges conventional thinking and has enabled us to work more collaboratively as a leadership team, solve problems more creatively, create a more enjoyable work atmosphere, show greater resilience in stressful circumstances, solve staff issues with empathy and empower staff to take on greater ownership of responsibilities and decision making.”

Danny Harmer, Training Operations Manager, Access Training Centre, Dudley Park, SA

“My conversations with clients used to be transactional, now they are transformational. It’s not about the widgets I sell anymore, it’s all about the relationship with the person. It’s really exploring and addressing the client’s needs and solving their problems instead of a preset agenda of what to sell. This shift in my thinking has profoundly increased the business I am generating now”

Connor O’Rourke , General Manager Sales, Datacom Systems SA, Adelaide, SA

What’s your problem?

We live in testing times!

Disruption, complexity and uncertainty are presenting unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

How we navigate these times depends on our capacity to see with greater clarity and solve problems wisely.

  • Are you a leader, a manager, a business owner, an entrepreneur or a decision maker with BIG responsibilities on your shoulders?
  • Got problems and challenges that keep you awake at night?
  • What do they cost you in time, in money, in stress, in quality of relationships, in lack of sleep, etc?

What are you not seeing yet in the muddy waters of complex and uncertain times?

What if you were only ONE Insight away from the answer?

Would you be open to explore how to solve these problems and challenges with fresh eyes and save yourself the headaches?

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Transforming Lives, Organisations & Communities through the Inside-Out!


“Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi

What a wonderful quote, so easily said yet often challenging to translate into action. We are living in testing times. Technologically, as a human race, we have advanced tremendously. Yet how far have we evolved when it comes to our psychological and behavioural maturity and living in peace and harmony? What makes us still entertain wars and terrorism, and have societies riddled with bullying, domestic violence, depression and an ever increasing consumption of illicit drugs and the consequences that come with it?

The reason is this. It is thought driven! The majority of people are playing the game of life through the distortive dimension of thought. This is where we can get caught up in the false reality created by our intellectual mind about the world out there. That the world out there, our circumstances, is making us think and feel in certain ways. That is outside-in thinking. When our thinking gets contaminated, we get into strife. When we are governed by the misunderstandings of thought it shows up in our behaviours and the quality of our relationships.

The antidote is being insight driven. In the dimension of insight we are guided by our innate and universal wisdom. This dimension operates outside the realm of our intellectual mind.

When we begin to live through insight, we experience life in a new light, with less on our mind. Here we innately understand that our thoughts are a product of our imagination not our circumstances. They come from the inside-out. That what we feel at any given moment is … thought in the moment. When we drop into this space outside the intellectual mind, we experience a greater sense of grounding, wellbeing and purpose. We see with greater clarity and connect easily and effortlessly with others.

When we live and lead through our innate wisdom, thought becomes a supportive servant. This transforms lives, organisations and communities to where innate peace and harmony resides!

  • what kind of world do you want to see?

  • what kind of life do you want to live?

  • what kind of relationships do you want to have?

  • what type of business or organisation do you want to contribute to?

  • how do you want to lead and collaborate?

  • … and what do you need to do to be the change that you want to see?

Inside-Out Organisation

Self-Organising Culture

Inside-Out Leader

One on one coaching

“Holding the space for each other … to just be!”

Mike Schwarzer

When you see your world with wider perception!

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When you lead from appreciation!

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Slowing down to speed up!

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OK … let’s get to the heart of things, where from here?

If what you have read so far resonates with you then working with Mike might just be for you. The wisdom and the insights are not in what you have read, they are behind what you’ve read.

You are … what I like to refer to as a Transformation Professional – a leader, a manager, a supervisor, a coach, a HR professional, or similar. Someone who is involved in creating change in the workplace and maintaining the organisational wits in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

You have to be able to …

  • perform in testing environments
  • have vision, direction and strategy
  • facilitate change and transformation
  • solve problems
  • be creative and innovative
  • be resilient, flexible and adaptable
  • demonstrate optimism
  • communicate and connect well with others
  • collaborate with others
  • lead and inspire people
  • maintain your sanity
You are a business owner, a contractor, a sole operator or simply an individual who wants to get more from life and work. Someone who is involved in creating a meaningful and prosperous lifestyle that serves the growth and well-being of their families, clients and the wider community.

You have to be able to …

  • operate in competitive business environments
  • set yourself apart from competitors
  • solve problems
  • make a difference in your clients’ life
  • be creative and innovative
  • communicate and connect well with colleagues and clients
  • lead and inspire people
  • maintain loving and healthy relationships with family and friends.
  • be resilient and flexible
  • stay healthy and fit
  • maintain your sanity

If you work with Mike you will be able to –

  • see the world around you in a new light and with greater clarity
  • get to know yourself and how you operate in new ways
  • change and align the strategies and processes of your inner game to give you greater choice
  • enjoy greater flexibility and situational awareness
  • connect and communicate with people in more succinct ways
  • tap into your inner resources and creativity.
  • enjoy greater resilience, wellbeing and a sense of purpose
  • greatly influence the directional movement of your performance and that of your organisation or business

If this is you …

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What challenges keep you awake at night? Let Mike help you stretch your mind and solve them!

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“I recently attended a session with Mike titled “Powerful Conversations for Leading Transformation” and observed him conduct such a conversation, it was quite brilliant! In a relaxed and personable manner Mike was able to change his clients attitude and approach to a problem almost it seemed, without the client being aware of what was happening. There was no “technique” used, it was simply a chat and the result was remarkable”
Rob Parkinson

Rob Parkinson Coaching, Adelaide SA

“When working with a client just recently, I was able to bring into play a number of the principles about the higher intentions and states that they are in. After doing this program it really helped me to understand the nature of our higher intentions and also to communicate this to my clients … you could see the light bulbs going off for them.”
Michelle Holland

Leadership & Culture Transformation Coach, Adelaide SA

“With the constant challenge satisfying high customer demands, managing a high pressure operation and contributing to the senior management team of the organisation can be quite a juggling act and at times can cause much friction. As a result of Mike’s coaching, I am now a better equipped communicator with a greater capacity to make better decisions, maintain my composure in challenging situations, constructively engage with the management group and contribute to my work in more harmonious ways.”
Simon Bryant

former Executive Chef, Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide SA & Celebrity Chef on the ABC’s “The Cook and the Chef”